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New Hours, New Doctor, New….Blog!?


This should (and WILL - think positive!) be the first of many blog posts designed to keep everyone informed of happenings at Twenty20 Vision Center, educate on current topics in the eye care and vision industry, and answer questions and common concerns that we see in the office and hear from YOU.  As for now, there are a lot of NEW things happening at Twenty20 Vision Center and I will be expanding on each of them here in due time.  Here is a quick snapshot of what's going on at Twenty20 Vision Center.

  1.  NEW Hours!  We are now open every Friday from 8-3:30, effective immediately!
  2. NEW Doctor!  I would like you to please welcome Dr. Unnati Chotai (Dr. Nat) to our office!  She is a highly skilled, highly trained Fighting Texas Aggie specializing in ocular disease and specialty contact lenses.
  3. NEW Space!  We are in the process of building out 700 additional sq/ft at our current location for a state of the art Dry Eye Treatment Center.  It will be the first of it's kind in South Houston and will meet and conquer an unmet need for so many people that have been waiting for an answer like this.  More to come.
  4. NEW Blog!  You're reading it now, so this should come as no surprise...

More to come, sooner than later!