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The Sound of Progress

Houston, we have lift off!  Construction for our Dry Eye Treatment Center has officially begun and they are off to the races.  The plumbing trench has been carved out, old floors have been removed and there are building materials being brought into the space as I type.  Please excuse the mess and noise over the coming weeks.  It will be (and has been) LOUD, but we are calling it the "Sound of Progress!"  We still do not have an official time table for completion, but as we get further along the timeline will clear up.  We plan on having a Grand Opening celebration as well as a meet and greet with Dr. Nat for those of you who have not had a chance to meet her.  This new space will serve an incredibly under-met need in our community and those around us as we plan to extend our reach to surrounding areas with exclusive services to the area.  We are not going to continue to treat Dry Eye Syndrome, Tear Gland Dysfunction and Ocular Surface Disease as if it were 1990 any longer...Stay Tuned!!!