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Contact Lenses Exams with our Friendswood Optometrist

Vision difficulties caused by refractive errors used to require correction with eyeglasses. In the modern era, however, contact lenses have become a highly popular alternative, worn by some 30 million Americans. Whether you're looking for a more durable option that eyeglasses for tough-and-tumble activities or you just want the most discreet vision correction possible, contact lenses could be your answer -- and you can count on Twenty 20 Vision Center as your trusted Friendswood, TX provider of contact lenses.

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What Is a Contact Lens Exam?

Getting contact lenses isn't quite as simple as ordering up a pair based on the results of your vision test, as is the case with eyeglasses. These plastic lenses must fit your corneal contours perfectly while also encompassing both your pupils and your irises. Additionally, you must get the right kind of contact lens style and material to suit your refractive error, lifestyle, and ocular health. That's why a contact lens exam is necessary.

The contact lens exam is a combination of fitting session and consultation. Your optometrist at our clinic will use techniques such as keratometry and digital corneal mapping to make sure your contacts will be just the right size and shape. At the same time, we will evaluate other factors such as:

  • Eye conditions that may prove challenging for ordinary contacts (giant papillary conjunctivitis, keratoconus, dry eye etc.)
  • Challenging prescriptions such as severe myopia/hyperopia, astigmatism, and presbyopia
  • Choices and preferences regarding how long you will wear your contacts and how much contact lens care you're willing to deal with

A Wide Range of Contacts for a Wide Range of Needs

Now we're ready to look at your contact lens options. If you have a mild or uncomplicated prescription, you may find ordinary soft contacts perfectly suitable. You may also be free to choose between disposable, single-use or extended-wear contacts. If your contact lens need are a bit more complicated, you may be one of the many people who fall into the "hard to fit" category. But don't worry – Twenty 20 Vision Center still has you covered. Our extensive range of specialized contacts include scleral lenses which cover the entire cornea (an excellent choice for keratoconus), specially-shaped contacts for consistent astigmatism correction, rigid gas permeable lenses to correct prescriptions of any strength, and multifocal lenses which correct presbyopia just as well as multifocal eyeglasses can.

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All contact lenses are not created equal, so don't settle for just any optometry clinic when you can get your contacts at Twenty 20 Vision Center. Call our Friendswood, TX clinic today at (281) 648-1910 to schedule a contact lens exam!


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